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Fearless in the pursuit of excellence

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Our Story

CSB Corporate Services deliver best practice Corporate Governance, Company Secretarial, Director & Senior Management Training and Independent Expert Board Review services.  We provide considered support across a wide range of sectors by implementing processes and software to facilitate a seamless Corporate Governance Function.


In the current environment, with a spotlight on governance, ESG and ethical reporting, a Company must employ and uphold meaningful and workable Corporate Governance practices.


With a Team that specialises in forward thinking methods and compliance, we guide our clients to:

  • Achieve the highest standards of Corporate Governance compliance

  • Exceed statutory and regulatory obligations

  • Make considered continuous disclosure decisions

  • Act in the best interests of members, investors and stakeholders


With over 18 years’ experience in Australian, UK and European legislation, regulatory bodies and compliance processes, CSB is able to navigate the ever changing and stringent regulatory environment that is Corporate Governance.


Our purpose is to empower our clients to thrive and prosper by supporting them to deliver world-class Corporate Governance through their processes, stakeholder reporting and Investor Relations.


What we offer

Corporate Governance

CSB act as your outsourced Corporate Governance Function and Investor Relations Advisor.


We work closely with our clients to form valued partnerships and open communication to understand your business objectives so we can implement the right Corporate Governance process and software platforms which ensure all statutory and regulatory obligations are met.

Investor Relations

Insight is everything.  

Investor Relations offers companies a better way to manage their corporate governance responsibilities, as they face an unprecedented array of changes that are radically transforming their relations with shareholders and investors.  With extensive experience across a wide range of sectors and industries including start-ups, small, mid and large cap companies and regulatory agencies; we help build, enhance and protect enterprise value.

External Board Reviews

Effective Boards drive stronger business performance.

Periodic Board Reviews are recommended by all regulators and peak governance bodies and are expected by shareholders, key funding partners and stakeholders.


CSB brings a proven approach to Board evaluation to meet your needs at every stage of the review process. Using an in-depth questionnaire-based process and expert analysis, we provide insightful and comprehensive Independent Expert Board Reviews.

World-Class Software

Save precious time and energy with our beautiful, efficient and best practise corporate governance software solutions. 



Nuchev Limited

"Team Seamless"
Tami, Amy and Josie are a good team to work with.  Things don't fall between the cracks, and the responsiveness to our requirements is great.

Mick Myers 
Interim CEO / Chief Financial Officer

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