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Our Charter

Fearless in the pursuit of excellence

Our team believes there is greatness in all of us and that we should not settle for less, as we strive to make a difference every day. We believe that great challenges are conquered by those with discipline, enthusiasm, tenacity, insight and foresight. Our charter represents our purpose, aspiration, and values and how we measure our success. It is the benchmark we set ourselves and what our customers can expect of us. 

Our purpose

Our purpose is to empower our team and clients and help them thrive and prosper.

Every day we try hard to become the most responsive and professional company in our industry by driving improvements with commitment and solving problems with speed and accuracy and a friendly face. 

To achieve our purpose we must

Provide superior service, deliver value and help our customers prosper. Recognise that our customers have choices. Earn their trust by delivering a positive experience and consistently deliver on our promises.

Build and maintain a high-performance culture for employees. Recognise our employees are accountable for their results.

Constantly improve, innovate and reduce our costs so we can offer competitive prices and superior solutions.

Adhere strictly to the regulations in our industry and protect and enhance our reputation and the reputation of our customers.

What we value

We are determined to achieve our best so that our business thrives, we challenge the status quo and deliver positive change by doing the right thing.


We will always remain fearless in the pursuit of excellence and deliver world-class governance thinking, practice and performance.

We create value when

We are rewarded for our differences.


We build capability and inspire innovation and enthusiasm. Our customers thrive because of the value we deliver. Our employees know that their contribution is meaningful and valued. Our industry and community respect and values our contribution. All our stakeholders reward us for our performance, commitment and expertise and we can celebrate the triumph of achievement together.

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